Letting you do the shooting, because the proof is in the pudding

There is no more transparent way to test your new laser jammer than to put the guns in the hands of your customers. So that is exactly what we did. We provided an eager pack of Custom Installers with two of the trickiest laser guns and let them try to shoot through Stinger’s Fiber Laser over and over again.

‘Breakthrough performance, invisible on your car’. That’s how we described Fiber Laser when we introduced it. Convincing people that our new laser product is ‘invisible on your car’ was easy enough: all we had to do is show off the minutely sized Fiber Lasers by themselves, or, better yet, beautifully installed in a high-performance car. Or in this case, on our X6.

Obviously, if you are only inches away and already know where they have been installed, technically our Fibers can still be pointed out. But the fact is that, unlike with normal laser jammers, onlookers will not be able to notice our state-of-the-art system. More importantly, we also wanted to prove ‘breakthrough in performance’. After all, many companies call dibs on being “the best”, “the most affordable”, or “the fastest”.” In our industry alone, the radar and laser performance claims are numerous and often outlandish. Think “15-band radar detector” and “the only one to jam Dragon Eye laser guns”. Talk is cheap.

Last February we saw an opportunity - maybe an obligation even - to put our money where our mouth is. We were at the KnowledgeFest Trade Show in California, to officially announce our partnership with the hugely talented and dedicated people of MSC-America. KnowledgeFest is known for having break-out sessions during which exhibitors hold in-depth presentations with the trade. We did one as well. But after a short talk we invited our audience to step into the California sunshine (which was a lucky break as it had been raining much of the weeks prior). A good crowd of Custom Install experts joined us.

First on the menu: ‘Find the Fibers’. We had parked our X6 demo car right outside the Conference Center and invited our potential trade partners to locate the Fiber Lasers on both the rear and front of the car. Almost nobody could!

Then for the main course: Take two of the trickiest laser guns available and try to shoot the hell out of our Fiber Laser. We had brought along a TruSpeed S and a DragonEye 5 compact. Both are generally recognized to be at the forefront of modern laser gun technology. The TruSpeed S has a narrow beam which can help it shoot past a laser jammer’s protective cloud. The DragonEye is particularly notorious for its so called Electronic Counter Counter Measures mode, using clever software to thwart many laser jammers.

So, how would our diminutive Stinger system hold up in a real street test? Mind you, we put the guns in the hands of our potential customers who up until then had only been selling competitive products.

One by one, all participants got a turn shooting with both the guns, trying to defeat our Fiber Lasers. Being smart, our shooters decided to fire the DragonEye in the infamous ECCM mode most of the time, and both guns also at other vehicles that happened to drive by, to verify they would get proper speed readings. Which they did.

The result? We are proud to say that after some thirty minutes, there was no one left not impressed by the solid and incredibly powerful protection capability of our LaserShield. This group of gun wielding install professionals went from being curiously skeptical, to enthusiastically smiling and even cheering.

The proof is in the pudding.