Depending on the configuration - laser, radar, laser+radar - your Stinger System can offer the following functionalities.


Laser Alerting

The 'laser detector' function of your system. Stinger Laser Alerting is extraordinarily sensitive. So much so, that your Stinger can pick up laser that is 'fired' at a car in front of you. Stinger Laser is even able to recognize and indicate the type of police laser gun. Available where allowed.



The 'laser jammer' function of your Stinger System. If you so desire, your Stinger can instantly deploy a shield of invisible light, the moment your car is being shot at by a laser gun. As a result, a speed measurement will be delayed for a few seconds, until your LaserShield automatically withdraws. You can set the 'Shield-up time' to your own preference. Available where allowed.


Radar Alerting

Your Stinger's 'radar detector' functionality. Wherever Radar Alerting is allowed, your Stinger can locate police radars. Because of the hyper-intelligent and military grade Stinger patch array radar antenna, your Stinger antenna offers unsurpassed sensitivity and accuracy. Available where allowed.

SpotList Alerting

SpotList Alerting is also known as 'fixed spot alerting' or 'GPS alerting'. Based on GPS, your Stinger can alert you to fixed speed traps, usually making for a fine alternative alerting system in countries, states or provincies, where the use of radar detectors is not allowed. In any geography SpotList Alerting can be important when it comes to alerting to fixed speed trap locations that make use of so-called 'induction loops' under the road. The Stinger SpotList, an up-to-date and extensive database of fixed speed trap locations, can simply be placed on your Stinger by using the Stinger Desktop (Mac/PC) application. Of course, by the push of a button, you can also add and delete SpotList locations yourself. Available where allowed.


Section Alerting

Some police forces make use of automated systems in order to calculate your average speed over a fixed distance, generally referred to as: 'Section Control', 'average speed trajectories' or 'SPECS'. During a Section Control, many drivers have no idea of their average speed and continuously keep looking at their speedometer, or start driving dangerously slow out of fear of getting a speeding ticket. That is why Stinger has developed 'Section Alerting': not only will you be alerted when you are approaching and exiting a Section Control, but your Stinger will actually escort you through it. While in the Section Control trajectory your Stinger will continuously calculate your average 'Section Control speed'. If at any time your average lies above the set speed limit, your Stinger will alert you with audio and visual signals. Available where allowed.


Police Check

Not all speed checks get executed correctly. Sometimes police radars operate outside the legal radar frequency band widths, or have been shot at a wrong angle versus the road or car. It also happens that unclear inaccurate police work results in license plates being read incorrectly. So what if you get an unjust speeding ticket? Generally, the license plate holder will be deemed guilty, unless he can prove his innocence. PoliceCheck helps you to meet this burden of evidence. Your Stinger records where you have driven, if you have encountered active speed traps, and what your speed has been. On top of that, your Stinger measures and records the exact frequency of every active radar speed trap you have passed. In short, thanks to Police Check your Stinger can offer important assistance in appealing speeding tickets that are incorrect.


Safety Signals

Your Stinger is equipped to receive, at a large distance, Safety Signals sent by radar or laser transmitters that can be used by - for instance - schools, road workers, police and emergency services. Safety Signals are decoded by your Stinger in real-time, providing you with clear audio and visual alerts much ahead of time. If equipped with laser, your Stinger System can even transmit 'car-to-car' laser alerts, which warn you for heavily braking traffic.

Mileage Logging

If you like, your Stinger can do your mileage logging, making it elementary to keep track of the business versus private use of your automobile.
Please note that all of the above functionalities are only to be used where allowed.