Two stunning interfaces

Choose between Strip and View. Both truly belong in the cockpits of top performance cars. Both do laser and radar. Strip gives a more straightforward user experience, whereas View gives you more control. Alternatively, for basic discretion in a laser-only set up, go with the LED interface.

Strip for sleek

Strip is our minimalist interface designed to blend into the interior of top tier cars. It is thin and sleek.

Features including voice guidance, easy and fast control through three touch areas, and pleasant backlit alerts, make it our simplest to use interface. Strip can control laser-only, radar-only, and laser+radar.



 Strip works with the ambiance of any high-performance car.


View for control

View is a credit card sized touch screen that provides fast and full control over your Stinger system. Designed to complement true performance car cockpits, while giving intuitive access to both basic and advanced radar and laser settings.

Featuring a full color, full graphic and full touch screen, View makes it simple to take command of your Stinger laser and radar speed trap defense system.


The Pilot Screen - or home screen - gives an overview of which parts of your Stinger System are active.



Your Stinger Laser can recognize the laser gun that is shooting at you. View will show that and will also depict where the threat comes from.



View is thin and credit card sized, befitting any high-performance car's cockpit.


Choose the Stinger 'S' color to match your cockpit lights or car exterior.

LED for basic discretion

Strip and View can be easily be concealed, but for more basic discretion you could opt for the LED interface. LED is the size of one LED light that comes with a button that is almost as small. LED can only control a laser-only configuration.