World's best and smallest sized laser protection

You can equip your Stinger System with Fiber Laser sensors, enabling the laser detector and laser jammer functionalities, for use where allowed. Stinger's Fiber Laser is the world's best and smallest sized laser protection. It is a breakthrough in performance and size.



The superior laser jammer

Stinger Laser truly represents a major step change in performance, providing superior protection against even the trickiest and most advanced laser guns, like the TruSpeed S and Dragon Eye 5.



Stinger was founded close to 30 years ago and has won a whole series of independent tests, one of which was the last ever Laser Shootout in the Desert organized by Radar Roy in 2015.



Tiny: The only real option for top tier cars

But it is not only about performance, it's also about how it looks on your car. Only Stinger offers Fiber Laser sensors which are so minute that they become near-invisible on your car. High-performance car owners have no real choice, for it will either be a clunky laser jammer or Fiber Laser by Stinger.



Nothing to see

We'd like to say that Fiber Laser would look great on your car, but there is nothing to see, actually. Just take a look.