Does adaptive cruise control influence my Stinger system?

If your car's adaptive cruise control uses RADAR, it is possible. More and more car manufacturers build radar technology into their vehicles, for such systems as adaptive cruise control and blind spot alerters. Products that use the same radar frequencies can theoretically cause mutual interference. Likewise, it is possible your car’s radar systems influence your Stinger. This is, however, not a certainty, for different car brands and makes often use different frequencies. Therefore, please check pro-actively with your auto dealer or Stinger installer to get exact radar frequency info. For detailed advice, you can also contact Stinger.

If your car's adaptive cruise control uses LASER, it does not. The laser used in in-car laser products does not interfere with Stinger laser functionalities. It could, however, interfere with police laser and even cause ‘jammed codes’ on the police laser gun. This ‘jammed code’ is not caused by your Stinger, but rather by the laser technology built into your vehicle by your car manufacturer.

Can a Radar Detector Detector pick up my Stinger system?

No, this is virtually impossible. The Stinger radar antenna is a closed system and therefore fully stealth. By the way, in countries or regions where radar detectors are not allowed, from a legal point of view, it is not relevant that the Stinger cannot be detected by an RDD. This, as technically a Stinger is not a radar detector. The Stinger’s stealth characteristics are convenient however, as Stinger users will not be unnecessarily pulled over by the police asking them whether they are using a radar detector.

If disabled, can I enable Laser/Radar Alerting + LaserShield?

Yes, that is possible. Go to Stinger Desktop (which you can download here) on your Mac or PC, download the relevant software for your Computer Center and/or Laser Center, and install it onto your Stinger by connecting your Stinger USB Key to the Stinger USB-lead in your car.

Note that usage of these above applications is meant for countries/regions where they are allowed. You are personally responsible for ascertaining the legality of using these applications in your jurisdiction. Specifically for Stinger users who enter a country/region/state where these functionalities are not allowed, every Stinger display offers an easy way to erase these functionalities. Check the user manual on how to do so. This allows for a quick and convenient way to abide by diverse local rules and regulations.

Can I erase/deactivate Laser/Radar Alerting?

Yes, erasing is possible. No, deactivating is not possible.

In order to make it possible to also use your Stinger in countries or states where Laser or Radar Alerting is not allowed, you must be able to erase these functionalities. This is possible on every Stinger. Once you have erased the functionalities, the software is really gone - not merely deactivated. It’s permanent. So to use Laser Alerting or Radar Alerting again, you cannot simply re-activate those functions. You will have to go back to your Mac or PC, download the applicable software, and re-install it on your Stinger.

Can I erase or deactivate LaserShield?

Yes, both erasing and deactivating are possible.

In most countries or states where you are not allowed to employ a laser jammer, you are allowed to drive around with it - you are just not allowed to actively and knowingly use it to hamper a police laser speedtrap. For this reason, on every Stinger, it is possible to activate and deactivate your LaserShield. But it is also possible to erase the function altogether. Once you have erased that function, the software is really gone - not merely deactivated. It’s permanent. So to use LaserShield again, you cannot simply re-activate those functions. You will have to go back to your Mac or PC, download the applicable software, and re-install it on your Stinger.

Do all Stinger systems need to be installed?

Yes, all Stingers need to be installed. Both the Fiber Lasers and the radar antenna need expert installation, as does your display of choice.

Can I install the Stinger system myself?

It is our extensive experience that 95% of our customers would do wisely to have their Stinger installed professionally. Installing your Stinger system involves not only knowing your way around the car mechanics and electronics, but also requires real experience with, and a true feel for, the art of custom car installation. Click here if you would like to find a Stinger installer near you.

How much does a Stinger system cost?

This strongly depends on your preferences as your Stinger System is highly customizable. Go to Choose your Defense to see what your ideal Stinger what look like. Next, contact your local distributor to get a personal quote.

How much does getting a Stinger installed cost?

This depends on what you choose to have in your Stinger system, your personal preferences for the installation and your installer. To get in touch with a Stinger installer please go here.

Where can I purchase a Stinger system?

To get a Stinger dealer address, please contact your local distributor.

How do I keep my Stinger up-to-date?

First and foremost, make sure you download (for free) the Stinger desktop application. For if you have not already done so, you can do that here.

If have Stinger Desktop installed, simply connect your Stinger USB-stick with your Mac or PC. Your Stinger Desktop will automatically download any available software updates. Next, attach your USB-stick to the Stinger USB-lead in your car. Upon starting your car engine, your display will ask you to allow starting the download. 'OK' this and do not switch off the car during the download.




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